Diponegoro University Summer Course Program provides a beneficial impact and good opportunity to connect with and play an important role in academic purposes to students around the world.

The program offers 1 to 2 weeks academic programs towards international student. These courses may enrich their knowledge of varieties environments and research center in Diponegoro University.

There are scheme of scholarship for each offered summer course programs:

  • Tropical Course on Culture and Sustainable Development in Coastal Region
  • Course on Magnificent Javanese Culture
  • Summer Program on Halal Industry and the Hybrid Culture of Indonesia

1. Tropical Course on Culture and Sustainable Development in Coastal Region.

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country. It has about 13,466 big and small islands, 95,181 km of coastline, sea area about 5.8 million km square (75% total area). Coastal region is a unique area where the land and sea ecosystem interact. It is an area of rapid transition from terrestrial to marine influences. Tides and surf entering freshwater streams and shallow waters make this environment one of constantly fluctuating conditions, and many organisms live at the extremes of their range of tolerance. This ecosystem also has the highest biological diversity of any part of the sea. The importance coastal area is most of the earth population and human civilization progress are located in this area.

Therefore, Diponegoro University as an Indonesian state university with main focus in eco-coastal development conducts a special summer course program on “Tropical Course on Culture and Sustainable Development in Coastal Region”. The course offers in Semarang and Karimunjawa island, Central Java, Indonesia on August each year.

The third program – New offer: Credit Earning (3 credit)

This 2017 event is the third tropical course held by International Office Diponegoro University. The information about previous tropical course are available here: information for previous and call for participants. Now, we offer the special scheme for credit earning system and Diponegoro University may provide the credit for this event: 3 credits. The full program in- and out class may also be downloaded in the link of “rundown program 2017” below.

Leaflet program, application form, and related documents

*Updated information: The registration has been closed.

How to register this course?

Please submit the complete application form through email to ioundip∆ (please change ∆ to @).

Please feel free to contact us using email or  online form at the end of this page. The official announcement of participants will be published at June 10, 2017.

Please click the link below to see tropical course blog.

tropical course – International Office Diponegoro University

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2. Course on Magnificent Javanese Culture

International Office Diponegoro University proudly presents the one week course for international and national students to come and getting close to the old fashioned Javanese heritage on July each year. The course will be conducted at field that is located relatively close to Borobudur temple. Participants will experience sight-seeing closely and get involve to the inside of Borobudur, getting a buzz out of assorted tropical fruits’ party, and building the ceramic creature.

3. Summer Program on Halal Industry and the Hybrid Culture of Indonesia

Diponegoro University is proud to present a Summer Program on Halal Industry and the Hybrid Culture of Indonesia. This program is a two weeks intensive program focusing on how everything about halal in Indonesia. The program will be hold by Diponegoro University and Indonesian Islamic University and conducted in two cities: Yogyakarta and Semarang.

The objectives of this course are to improve knowledge and understanding in halal industry in Indonesia, as a country with a majority of Muslim population in the world, by experiencing and learning process designed in a series of activities such as lectures, discussions and visits to several organizations/industries and historical sites. Furthermore, this course offers to the participants a profile of Indonesia as a country that has a high tolerance combined with cultural diversity that have influenced and established a harmony in various aspects of social life and religion. The program will be offered on August next year.

Are you interested in this program?

We offer five scholarship scheme for each programs to international students. Please feel free to contact us.

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